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Latest News & events at Howbeck

We are opening soon!!

Finally, after what feels like a really long winter, spring (and hopefully warmer weather) are on their way........

The good news for you (and us) is that it means you can get your caravans out from hibernation, and get away for a weekend or longer .

Just get your caravans and camper vans out, give them a clean, wash and a polish, get hooked up, give us a call to book your place, pack up the car, grab the kids and get going!

Whether you are a returning visitor or a new one   we cant wait to see you.

We are already receiving lots of bookings for the coming season for caravans and bring your own tents and Easter weekend is almost full!


As an added bonus, by then we will have lots of gorgeous spring lambs that you can see and smile as you watch them dancing and racing each other across the fields. 

Its what great memories are made of.


Just look at these from spring 2021:

adorable, early spring arrivals - One of these was completely unexpected and very, very cute!!

Pictures of spring 2022  arrivals will appear on here as and when we have theem!

piglets  1.jpeg
piglets 61.jpeg
goat kid 2.jpeg
piglets 29.jpeg
calf 2.jpeg
goat kid 1.jpeg
piglets 5.jpeg
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